Choosing Wedding Reception Decorations


The ceremony’s over and it’s time to unwind and party at the wedding reception with your loved ones, friends and your ┬ánew spouse. Whether it’s taking place at a swanky golf resort or your mom’s backyard, you’ll want to put some consideration into wedding reception decorations. The wedding reception decorations give a festive mood, set the tone of the party and can transform a ho-hum venue into a wonderland

Consider the reception site. If the party is taking place in an elaborate ballroom you might want to keep decorations simple, but if it’s at a bare church community room, you’ll want to use a lot of decorations to transform the space into a place of beauty.

If you’ve entrusted the wedding reception decorating to someone else, make sure they know exactly what you want. Your wedding reception should reflect your own taste, not someone else’s.

If you’re the one who is in charge of decorations for your wedding reception, have a discussion with the manager at the reception hall to learn what exactly can and can’t be done to the hall. You’ll also need to know how far ahead you can start decorating and when the decorations must be cleaned up.

Get several friends and relatives to help with the decorating. Don’t be shy – most will be happy that you asked.

Here are some wedding reception decoration ideas:

-Use your wedding colors in the reception decorations – flowers, tablecloths, ribbons and candles are just some of the decorations that can be purchased in the wedding colors.

– Don’t think you shell out a lot of cash to purchase items that will just be used for the reception. Contact a party supply company where you can rent things like columns and candelabra that will add a romantic air to your reception. -Candles are inexpensive and look great. They look fabulous in centerpieces, for example.

-Large bows are pretty and easy to make. Choose fabric in white or in your wedding colors, then tie the bows around poles, pillars, candlesticks, chairs, flowers or attach them to walls and tables.

-Balloons in white or wedding colors can be used as a fun decoration, floating on the ceiling, in a balloon arch or even as part of the centerpiece.

-Tiny white fairy lights strung among the leaves of potted ficus or topiary tress can create a magical effect in the reception hall. Look for the trees at garden centers or home improvement stores and use them in your home after the wedding, or rent silk trees from a wedding supply store.

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